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(CLICK THE TITLE) Good day everyone and give thanks unto the Lord for He is good yes He is good. I know that some of us are experiencing hardships but know that we are the children of an awesome father and He will not let more happen to us than we can bare. Hold on to that and you can make it.

Today’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, we thank You for Christian believers who defend You as Creator of our universe and our humanity. Whether it took six of our 24-hour days or six of Your 1,000-year days, here we are, and apes are still apes! What does matter is that we can enjoy the complex nature, the beauty, and the awesomeness of Your creation. However, without building a relationship with You, our “great knowledge” may very well bring on our downfall. Forgive us for our arrogance, our willfulness, our immaturity, and our self-centered nature. Forgive us for thinking that we can manage our own lives, Our nation, and our world-relations without seeking Your guidance. Teach us to wantmore of You, not less; to see that without You we can’t fulfill Your purposes or our dreams. You alone are our only hope, our sustaining grace. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.  

Let’s eat.

Learning To Stand As Christians Should

“Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. “ – Exodus 14:13

As I was doing some reflecting on things that have gone wrong in situations where I felt the Lord had sent me to do a work or to help someone, my spirit was reminded of timing, God’s timing. The bible gives us a great lesson on this topic as it states that the Israelites had just left 400 years of slavery in Egypt. They had fled to the desert, but they had come to a dead end at the Red Sea. Word reached them that Pharaoh had changed his mind. He was sending his troops to recapture the Israelites. They cried out to their leader Moses, complaining that he had brought them that far only to die in the desert.

Learning when to move and when to stand is the greatest challenge for us as believers. We are trained for action. We are not trained to sit idly and wait. We are trained to solve problems, not wait for them to resolve themselves. However, God says there are times to wait. We are to wait until He says go. If we go before He says go, we likely will make our situation worse. If the Israelites had attempted to cross the Red Sea before it parted, they would have drowned. If they had fled north to try to avoid the Egyptians, God would not have moved in a miraculous way. God can’t work on our behalf if we continually try to solve our problem when He has instructed us to stand still. Standing still is sometimes the greatest action we can do, although it is the most difficult thing to do in our Christian walk. Stand still when He says stand and see the deliverance of the Lord.

Quote of the Day

Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare.

J. Oswald Sanders

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Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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