Understanding The Source Of Anger 03-15-24

We are so blessed with this day that I find it hard to come up with words to express my gratitude. Today the word anger hit my spirit, so that is the subject of this message. We all deal with it at one time or another. I have shared this message a few times over the years and feel that it’s time to share it again.

Today’s Prayer 

Father, we long to feel your presence. We seek your face. Nothing else compares to being in the warmth and inspiration of Your presence. Nothing else can humble us like Your Word and Your Spirit; neither can anything nor anyone lift us and change us like You can do. Please help us learn the lessons you have in the trials of life. Strengthen our faith and grant us the strength we need for daily living and for the unexpected things that come our way. Bless us, Lord, that we may be a blessing to others. I praise you and thank you for who you are and all you do. In the matchless name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Let’s eat.

Understanding the Source of Anger

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. – Proverbs 29:11

    Here are some simple truths. The place where we work can be a pressure-packed world. The demands that are often put on us can bring out things that we never knew were there. Sometimes we begin to think that the source of that pressure is to blame for our response to the pressure. It could be an event, a spouse, a boss, a client, a child, or even a driver who cuts us off in traffic.

    I remember responding to a person just the other day, “If you hadn’t done that, I would never have responded that way.” Later I thought about what I said and realized that this response had little truth to it. We all choose to get angry. No one else is to blame for our anger.

“The circumstances of life, the events of life, and the people around me in life, do not make me the way I am, but reveal the way I am” [Dr. Sam Peeples].

    This simple quote has had a profound impact on how I view my anger now. Anger only reveals what is inside of me. I can’t blame anyone but me for my response to a situation. I have learned that anger is only the symptom of something else that is going on inside of me. This quote now resides on my office wall as a daily reminder of the truth about my response to life’s situations.

    It has been said that anger is like the warning panel on the dash of your car. It is the light that tells us something is going on under the hood and we need to find out what is the source of the problem. I discovered that the source of anger is often unmet expectations or personal rights. We believe we are entitled to a particular outcome to a situation. When this doesn’t happen, it triggers something in us. At the core of this is fear, often a fear of failure or rejection, fear of what others think, fear of the unknown.

    If you struggle with anger, do as I did and ask God to reveal the source of that anger. Ask Him to heal you of any fears that may be the root of your anger. Ask God to help you take responsibility for your response to difficult situations. He is faithful to give you the answer to your request.

Quote of the Day

When life knocks you to your knees, and it will, why, get up! If it knocks you to your knees again, as it will, well, isn’t that the best position from which to pray?






Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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