A Reminder About Your Work 10-09-18

Good morning everyone. Today the temperature in the Midwest gives the appearance of a summer day. I’m going to do some explaining why your call and your work are tied together so put on your bib and grab your utensils.

Today’s Prayer

Father, what do we as a nation hold sacred today? Not You Lord God and not our flag! For as a nation, we often turn to You only in times of crisis. We hear Your name taken in vain in everyday life, and in movies and on TV. There are individuals in our society that no longer honor our flag and observe the rules for its display and use as we once did. Today we see the flag made into bikinis and other wearing apparel, and we allow it to be burned as a sign of protest. Yet in our Pledge of Allegiance, we still say that we are “one nation under God.” Society has tried to destroy any reference to You in our schools, and has taken the Bible out of many of our school libraries, denying our young people the freedom to learn its contents. Our Senate still opens its sessions with a prayer by its Chaplain, and yet our teenagers must go outside their schools to pray! No one should be forced to pray, but to be denied the right to pray shows that we have forsaken You and our Christian heritage. Unless we, who call ourselves Your people, unite and stand together to bring us back to sanity, then as a nation that holds nothing sacred, we are in danger of facing the penalty of Your judgment. Help us to see this Father before it is too late! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Let’s eat.

 Your Work

I have brought You glory on earth by completing the work You gave Me to do.John 17:4

The Lord has revealed to us that the number one thing we are to do is love the Lord our God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. His desire is for us to know Him and the power of His resurrection. These mandates deal with our relationship with Him. The fruit of this relationship must then result in our glorifying Him by completing the work He has given each of us to do. It will become a by-product of this relationship, not an end in itself.

What is the work God has called you to do? Jesus never did anything the Father had not instructed Him to do. He lived in such communion with the Father that He knew when to turn left and when to turn to the right. Is it possible to have such a relationship with our heavenly Father? I think that if it weren’t, He would not have given us such an example.

“Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (Jer. 33:3). What has He called you to do? Perhaps you are called to be the best CPA in your city or the best advertising executive or the best office worker or assembly line person in your company. Whatever work He has called you to do, He will use you as His instrument to accomplish something that He has uniquely prepared you to do.

When our life is complete, what a glorious day it will be if we can each say, “I have completed the work You gave me to do.” This will have brought great glory to Him.

Quote of the Day

[I wish you] health enough to make work a pleasure. Wealth enough to support your needs. Strength to battle with difficulties and overcome them. Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them. Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished. Charity enough to see some good in your neighbour. Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others. Faith enough to make real the things of God. Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.

Johann von Goethe






Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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