Consulting God in times of pain

faith in God

It’s February 26 and the 57th day of 2013. Every morning as I’m going through my devotional reading, I run across a nugget of information that just sticks to my spirit. Today is no exception. This thought occurred to me as I was browsing the scriptures; true faith is turning to God in our times of pain, not using people, things, activity, to deaden it. All of us at one time or another has gone the wrong route to ease pain only to come to our senses and take it to the right place. But I know that there is someone reading this message that will not let loose of the pain. By the authority given to me by the Father I command you to give it to God right now, in the name of Jesus.

Job 26:12
New King James Version

12 He stirs up the sea with His power, And by His understanding He breaks up the storm.

Chew on that for awhile. Blessings on ya!

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Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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