(CLICK THE PICTURE) Good morning everyone. Oh give thanks unto the lord for He is good yes He is good and worthy of our praise. It can be quite humbling when you come to the realization that God loves us from top to bottom, inside and out; no matter what. I repent for not being that faithful always. How about you?

Today’s Prayer

Father, remind us that our first president, George Washington, cautioned us that if a democracy is to succeed, it needs to have public morality and a religious base. These are the ties that until now have held our nation together, and You, Lord, were admittedly our strength! … Open our eyes to see how far we have strayed from our heritage. How much longer will we stand by while minority groups re-interpret our laws regarding our freedom to publicly acknowledge You? How much longer can we tolerate the re-writing of our history, hiding the full knowledge of our Christian roots and purposes? … Oh Lord, how much longer can we expect You to “bless America” if we fail to reverence You? … Call us all to repentance; forgive us, Lord, and open our hearts and minds to realize that we have come this far only with Your help and Your tolerance. … Forgive us, Lord, for deserting You as a nation, and give us the courage to once again be Your people! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Let’s eat.

Everlasting Things

Everlasting Love

Jeremiah 31:3

Long ago the Lord said to Israel: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.

Of God to all; Everlasting Righteousness

Psalm 119:142

Your justice is eternal, and your instructions are perfectly true.

For all Everlasting Covenant

Hebrews 13:20-21

Now may the God of peace—who brought up from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep, and ratified an eternal covenant with his blood—may he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.

Including all Everlasting Salvation

Isaiah 45:17

But the Lord will save the people of Israel with eternal salvation. Throughout everlasting ages, they will never again be humiliated and disgraced.

Proclaimed to all Everlasting Life

John 3:16

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Quote of the Day

How often we say about our earthly friends, “I really would like to have a good quiet settled talk with them so that I can really get to know them.” And shouldn’t we feel the same about our Heavenly Friend, that we may really get to know Him? These thoughts have taught me the importance of the children of God taking time to commune daily with their Father, so that they may get to know His mind and to understand better what His will is.

Hannah Whitall Smith

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James H. Taylor Sr. – Kankakee City News has published my Daily meal message for a decade.

Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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