Man Of God 08-27-19

Good day everyone. This is a 2 day messages today because yesterday was spent in the hospital with my wife who is now recovering. I was going through a spiritual battle in my sleep. I was being bombarded by little snippets of things people have said within spiritual earshot of me which they didn’t think I heard. There are a couple of things that really resounded in my spirit: “He’s just a pretender. If he’s so anointed, why doesn’t he have his own church?” Another is:“Where did he come from and who elevated him to be in authority?”The answers to these questions are simple. I was given authority by God and the anointing that I walk in is purely from Him and no man or woman can discount that. The answer to the other question is, I don’t necessarily need a building to lead the ministry that God has bestowed on me. With that in the open I have rebuked the spirit of oppression that has tried to disturb my rest and my peace. Let’s move forward with the work at hand.

Today’s Prayer

Father, help us to leave spaces in our days for quiet growth, for new ideas, for dreams and new insights, for perspectives and directions, for listening to Your quiet voice, and sensing Your will for us. Let us not limit our quiet time by setting boundaries; for fear that we miss out on what Your Holy Spirit has uniquely for us as individuals! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Let’s eat.

Becoming a Mighty Man

All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their leader. About four hundred men were with him.~ 1 Samuel 22:2

I’ve been inclined to talk about King David and his early years of gathering followers. Have you ever felt that you could accomplish a whole lot more if you had more talented people around you? Perhaps you are in an office and think that some of your fellow workers don’t quite measure up. Imagine what David must have thought in the years following his anointing by the prophet Samuel as the next king of Israel. He spent many years running from King Saul. Now God was beginning to bring men to support David. But what kind of men did He send? The down-and-out of course. God gave David not the elite or the sophisticated; He gave him those who were in debt and disgruntled with life. David turned those men into the best fighting men of their day. In fact, David never lost a battle during his entire reign as king of Israel-quite a feat for a bunch of no-name, lowlifes! Some of those men became an elite group known in those times as David’s Mighty Men. These were the elite of the elite, the Navy Seals, the Few Good Men, the Green Berets. Whatever you call them, they were exceptional warriors.

Jesus took a few men who weren’t exactly the cream of the crop either, they were not church folk or for that fact, those who were educated. He put His ministry life into these men, which resulted in 12 men who turned the world upside down. How about you? Are you one of God’s mighty men or women? Are you investing your life to build other mighty men or women? David and Jesus set the example of what can be done when we invest in others. God does extraordinary things through men and women who have an extraordinary God. Ask God to use your life to be a mighty man or woman for a cause greater than yourself. He delights in such prayers.

Quote of the Day

We need to learn how to keep people through love. Despite

Imperfections, sins, and irritating habits of other Christians, they belong to Jesus and they need our love as a healthy climate for Growth.

John Wimber




Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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