The Power of Unity 10-32-16

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(CLICK THE TITLE) Good morning everyone. Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, yes He is good. Let’s move right into prayer and then the word.

Today’s Prayer

Glory to You God! I thank You for the Light of the world, our Savior Jesus. He is the Light that shines in the darkness. He is the Light at the end of the tunnel. He is the morning Light that awakens us to a new day. He is the Light that illuminates the way along the paths and valleys of life and He is the Light, the Truth, and the Way to eternal life. Thank You that we can always look up and know that the Light is there, forever there to guide and protect. In His precious name we pray, Amen.

Let’s eat.

The Power of Unity

What is the greatest power that allows the unsaved to make a decision for Jesus Christ? It isn’t prayer, though prayer is important. It isn’t good deeds, though deeds indicate a fruitful relationship with God. It isn’t good behavior, though Christ commands us to be obedient as sons and daughters. The greatest power God’s children have over darkness is unity. Jesus talked a great deal about His oneness with the Father and the importance of unity in the Body of Christ. It is the most difficult command Jesus gave to the Church, because it wars against the most evil aspect of our sin nature-independence.

That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. – John 17:21

In these last days we are seeing God’s Spirit convict His children of the lack of unity among His Church. We are seeing God move between blacks and whites, other ethnic groups, denominations, and Para church groups. There is a lot of work to be done. The walls of division and competition among His Body are a stench in God’s nostrils. He sees the competition and the pride of ownership and weeps for the lost who can’t come to Him because they can’t see Him in His Body (us believers). When His Body is one, the unbelieving see that Jesus was sent by God. It is like a supernatural key that unlocks Heaven for the heathen soul. The key is in the hand of Christ’s Church.

When there is unity, there is power. Scripture tells us five will chase 100, but 100 will chase 10,000 (see Leviticus 26:8). There is a dynamic multiplication factor in unity of numbers. We are a hundred times more effective when we are a unified group. Imagine what God could do with a unified Church.

Jesus prayed that we all might be one, as the Father and He are one. He wanted the same love God has for Him to be in each of us. When this love is in us, we are drawn to each other with a common mission. The walls fall down. The independent spirit is broken. Competition is destroyed. Satan’s accusations are frustrated. Our love for each other is manifest to the world around us. Lost souls begin to seek this love that is so foreign to them.

I know that this has been a longer message than I usually send but this is a word that must be passed along to everyone we know who is a believer. Now here are a series of questions for you.

Have you contributed to an independent spirit within His Body?

Are you seeking to break down walls of competition among Christians, churches, denominations, and ethnic groups?

Until we walk in the spirit of unity, we will hinder those in whom God has reserved a place in Heaven. Pray for His Church to be unified.

Quote of the Day

In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, That is mine!

Abraham Kuyper





Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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