Praise Your Way Out 01-26-20

Good day and praise The Lord for another day and another chance to move forward with our new life. I have a question, have you chosen your person to have God ambush through you yet? If your have you’re on the way to saving a soul.

Today’s Prayer

Father, I pray for those who are unemployed today. I pray that You will continue to meet their every need for food, clothing, shelter, income, friends, encouragement, spiritual growth; whatever the need may be. God, You know every person, every need, every heart, every desire. I pray that you will move in hearts and lives; and bless the faith of Your children. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Let’s eat.

Come Out of the Stronghold with Praise

“Do not stay in the stronghold. Go into the land of Judah”

1 Samuel 22:5

The bible tells us that David and his fighting men had been hiding in the cave of Adullam. He was fleeing Saul. Many of life’s down-and-out had come and joined David’s army. David was content to stay in the cave (stronghold of safety). Then, God’s prophet came to David and told him that he must leave the stronghold and go into the land of Judah.

When life beats down on us and we get to the place where we want to hide in a cave, God often places people around us who prod us into moving in the right direction. He doesn’t want us to remain in the place of discouragement. He wants us to move into the land of “praise.(” Judah means “praise.”)

Like many of you reading this message, I’m going through a very difficult time. It seems to drag on and on with no change until finally I wanted to retreat to a cave and forget pressing on. It has at times been very discouraging. A godly man who I have confided in and trusted came to me and said, “You got to keep moving! There are too many who are depending on you in the Kingdom.” I didn’t totally understand what he meant at the time but then the light went on.

Now I know he was saying that God is preparing each of us to be the vessel He wants to use in the life of another person, but we will never be that vessel if we give up and hide in our cave of discouragement. Not only must we keep moving, we must move into a new area. Our attitude must move from discouragement to praise. It’s when we move past discouragement to praise that we begin living above our problems. Make a decision today to go into the land of Judah.

Quote of the Day

When our lives are focused on God, awe and wonder lead us to worship God, filling our inner being with a fullness we would never have thought possible. Awe prepares the way in us for the power of God to transform us and this transformation of our inner attitudes can only take place when awe leads us in turn to wonder, admiration, reverence, surrender, and obedience toward God.

James Houston





Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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  1. Nancee Nickerson

    Each article is encouraging and uplifting. It’s the truth of God’s word. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Glenn Sterrett

      Just reasonable service.

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