The Offer of a Lifetime 02-21-15


As I was reading scripture to prepare for doing the message, the Lord chastised my spirit for always moving forward as if everyone that reads these messages has made the decision for Christ, in fact, some reading this message right now are still walking the fence between life and death. Today is the day to make your decision of life for Romans 10:9 states; If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Today’s scripture will give a glimpse of the alternative.

Today’s Prayer

Father, as we approach the next Lenten season, how should we make our hearts ready in the Lenten days before us and prepare to celebrate Your sons resurrection on Easter Sunday? First, let us consider the suffering that Jesus endured on the cross when He became the sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. He died so that those who would believe, repent, and accept Him as their Lord and Savior might not only be forgiven of their sins, but have eternal life! What do You want from us when the Lenten Season begins? As we wait for Your answer, somehow we sense that You are not asking us just to give up desserts! Are You telling us that You want real, “soul-depth” commitment? And why not? After all, Jesus died for each of Us! Are You asking us to live for You? Every day? I’d have to really turn our Lives around, wouldn’t we? We’d have to spend time studying Your Word, and seeking to know Your will for our lives. But You did promise* that You would send Your Holy Spirit to lead us into Your truth, to guide us, to comfort us, and to “empower” us. We wouldn’t be left on our own. You did promise that Your grace would be sufficient for our needs. It’s now our move, isn’t it? In Jesus’ holy name we pry, Amen.

Let’s eat.

In Hell


Matthew 8:5-12 – 

When Jesus returned to Capernaum, a Roman officer came and pleaded with him, “Lord, my young servant lies in bed, paralyzed and in terrible pain.” Jesus said, “I will come and heal him.” But the officer said, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come into my home. Just say the word from where you are, and my servant will be healed. I know this because I am under the authority of my superior officers, and I have authority over my soldiers. I only need to say, ‘Go,’ and they go, or ‘Come,’ and they come. And if I say to my slaves, ‘Do this,’ they do it.” When Jesus heard this, he was amazed. Turning to those who were following him, he said, “I tell you the truth, I haven’t seen faith like this in all Israel! And I tell you this, that many Gentiles will come from all over the world—from east and west—and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven. But many Israelites—those for whom the Kingdom was prepared—will be thrown into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

The Sinner’s Regret Wailing

Matthew 13:36-42 – 

Then, leaving the crowds outside, Jesus went into the house. His disciples said, “Please explain to us the story of the weeds in the field.” Jesus replied, “The Son of Man is the farmer who plants the good seed. The field is the world, and the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom. The weeds are the people who belong to the evil one. The enemy who planted the weeds among the wheat is the devil. The harvest is the end of the world, and the harvesters are the angels. “Just as the weeds are sorted out and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the world. The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will remove from his Kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. And the angels will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Sinner’s Remorse Gnashing Teeth

Luke 13:22-28 – 

Jesus went through the towns and villages, teaching as he went, always pressing on toward Jerusalem. Someone asked him, “Lord, will only a few be saved?” He replied, “Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail. When the master of the house has locked the door, it will be too late. You will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Lord, open the door for us!’ But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’ Then you will say, ‘But we ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’ And he will reply, ‘I tell you, I don’t know you or where you come from. Get away from me, all you who do evil.’ “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, for you will see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the prophets in the Kingdom of God, but you will be thrown out.

Quote of the Day

There hath not one tear dropped from thy tender eye against thy lusts, the love of this world, or for more communion with Jesus Christ, but as it is now in the bottle of God; so then it shall bring forth such plenty of reward, that it shall return upon thee with abundance of increase. “Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.” (Luke 6:21)

John Bunyan

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Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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