I have asked the following question a number of times over the years. Because of the language that is being spoken to divide the world right now, it just feels right ot ask it again. How’s your spiritual walk going? There is no answer needed to be given to me. Give your answer to the One that counts.


Today’s Prayer  

Father, I come before you today on behalf of unwed mothers, whether young or old and the difficulties that they are faced with. It’s a hard thing to face, and especially hard if there is no support from family and/or close friends. I pray for these teenagers, young women and older women. I pray that they will understand that their situation may be the results of wrong choices. I also pray that they will receive mercy from You and from others. I pray for spiritual, emotional, and financial help that they will need. I pray for good health and for their safety and the safety of their unborn children. I pray for the right support system to be available for them. I pray that abortion will not even enter their minds as a choice, for no matter what the circumstance under which that baby was conceived, it is a precious life–a life for which You have a plan and a purpose. Lord, please work in these lives and the lives of the related families. May they worship You, receive forgiveness and assistance, and be blessed. In the name of my precious Jesus I pray, Amen.

Let’s eat.


The Way of God

If my people would but listen to Me…. – Psalm 81:13

In my walk through the bible I get some great revelations. It became very clear to me today as I was reading the above scripture that God has a specific training ground for leaders. There are three patterns of preparation that have been common among most of God’s leaders. First, there is a time when the leader is separated from his old life. Consider Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and Paul. In order for God to mold and shape them into His nature, it appears that He had to remove them from the life of comfort. A mentor of mine once said, “You can’t go with God and remain where you are.”

Next, there is usually a time of solitude. God often brings leaders into a time of solitude in order to speak to them without other distractions. Hosea  2:14 says, “I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her.” Paul was sent to Arabia for two years for a time of solitude. Joseph spent years in the solitude of prison. Moses spent 40 years in the desert herding sheep.

The third characteristic of God’s preparation for leaders is discomfort. The setting in which the preparation takes place usually is not a place of comfort. Abraham traveled through the difficult deserts. David lived in caves fleeing Saul. Paul was frequently persecuted.

Are you ready for the classroom of leadership preparation? If God chooses to bring you into this class, you may have one of three reactions to the events. First, you may say, “I don’t need it.” Perhaps you know intellectually that you do need this, but God wants you to know it in your heart. Pride prevents us from entering this classroom. The second reaction may be, “I’m tired of it.” You decide you’ve had enough. If so, this will disqualify you from leadership. Finally, God’s desired response from us in this preparation is, “I accept it.” To accept it with joy is the place of maturity in Christ. God often keeps us in these places until we come to accept and agree that Jesus is enough. Is He all you need?

Like the people of Israel, I think we have something to do with the timetable of our education“If My people would but listen to Me, if Israel would follow My ways, how quickly would I subdue their enemies and turn My hand against their foes!” (Psalm 81:13-14)

Are you ready for the process required for being a godly leader? Ask for His grace to willingly embrace these times of preparation.



By letting go, the offended refuses to let herself be held captive by the offender’s unwillingness to repent. 

~Carolyn Holderread Heggen
Canadian Christian Psychologist~





Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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