Three Links In Salvation 08-16-22

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Give thanks to the God of another chance today because there is somebody, somewhere whose eyes will never open again. Who will never take another breath; I just want to get your focus on whom and what should matter most in our lives. Today I’m giving you 3 scriptures that are direct and to the point. Let them bless you.

Today’s Prayer

Father, Calm our spirits today. Please forgive us for gossip or worry about the people and circumstances that surround us. Please replace anger with peace. Please help us to keep our focus on Jesus, author and finisher of our faith. Please help us to focus on what we need to accomplish today, and what You want us to do. Put away all wrong thoughts and keep us from wrong actions. We want to be steady, stable, Godly people who are a pleasure to be around and a loving witness of your mercy and glory. May we be instruments that produce a sweet, soothing sound, uplifting spirits and pleasing the Master Conductor, You Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Let’s eat.

Three Links in Salvation’s Chain 

Elect in Divine Foreknowledge


1 Peter 1:2  

Dear friends, God the Father chose you long ago and knew you would become his children. And the Holy Spirit has been at work in your hearts, cleansing you with the blood of Jesus Christ and making you to please him. May God bless you richly and grant you increasing freedom from all anxiety and fear.



Begotten through Divine Mercy


1 Peter 1:3  

All honor to God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; for it is his boundless mercy that has given us the privilege of being born again, so that we are now members of God’s own family. Now we live in the hope of eternal life because Christ rose again from the dead.

Kept by Divine Power


1 Peter 1:5 

And God, in his mighty power, will make sure that you get there safely to receive it, because you are trusting him. It will be yours in that coming last day for all to see.

Quote of the Day

The prayer life does not consist of perpetual repetition of petitions. The prayer life consists of life that is always upward and onward and God ward. ~G. Campbell Morgan~





Written by Glenn Sterrett, Founder and CEO of the GCKRS™ Helping Hand Foundation.

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